Quick Rant Time

I really can’t believe how naive people can be. I’ve been biting my tongue for a long time but I’ve seen too many people spreading straight foolish ignorance and propaganda to be quiet anymore. You think Obama arranged a school shooting to promote a “gun ban” that’s never even been proposed? Are you fucking kidding me? I see you comparing him to Hitler? Really, Hitler? Thats funny, I could have sworn Hitler had a religious agenda he was pushing(ask the Jews if you’ve forgotten)…who else does that sound like?? Not a democrat.
God forbid we ammend gun laws to take weapons out of the hands of psychos. How can you take issue with that? NO that won’t STOP the violence, yes it will stop someone. You should be thanking god for that. New gunlaws are being modeled after New York’s laws, not Hitler’s(seriously, where do you find your ‘facts’?). NY has the strictest gun laws in the US AND the lowest crime rate among large cities, did you know that? You’re safer in NYC than in San Diego!
Maybe the NRA arranged this horrific tradgedy to scare people into thinking there would be a gun “ban” so they could sell more guns to the people dumb enough to believe it. Maybe I should make a propaganda film about that!
What are you guys so threatened by? Nobody’s taking your precious guns! They never were going to. Ever.
(By the way, I’m single, female, live alone and don’t feel I need a gun AT ALL. Maybe y’all just need to grow some balls.)


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